Friday, 11 July 2014

The conversation with my Gazan brother...

Me: btw where are u now? at home? hmm hows Gaza now bro?

Him: Yes, working on a battery. Gaza is lacking everything. Electricity, fuel, food, etc

Me: I heard about the bombing recently. Is it true?

Him: Yes, of course. Bombing happens almost on daily basis

Me: Allahuakbar….was it near ur place?

Him: Yes. But don’t worry. We are ok. Atleast for now.

Me: Alhamdulillah… I thought d bombing is over

Him: Israel will never stop defending itself from the people whose land they have stolen. The bombing never ends.

Me: hmm how about d gate bro? i meant rafah?

Him: Closed as always. Border.

Me: still d same? so people cannot leave Gaza?

Him: It gets opened maybe three days every two weeks and not all the travelers get to travel. We don't 
live like humans anymore.

Me: I am sad dat d world do not c this. :(

Him: Everyone is busy having fun.

Me: I meant…they may c but they do nothin

Him: Too bad for us

Me: Allahu akhbar. (started to wipe my tears)

Him: Its ok bro. We are used to it.

Me: I hope jannah awaits all Gazan including u my brother!!

Him: Inshallah…and u too

Me: Ameeen….I know living there is never easy.

Him: Bro…living in Gaza is not living. It is surviving

Me:  Bro…I am so sorry that I cud not do anything to help...

Him: Hey…its ok.. no prob. 

(and I continued wiping my tears - SI)

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  1. La hawla wala quwwata illa billah. Sedihnya.. But SubhanAllah, they have strong souls. The world never stops praying for them. May Allah SWT grant them the highest level of Jannah, aameen ya rabb!

    p/s: Mohon share your conversation in my blog to raise the awareness.