Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kuching, Sarawak... The Touch of Afiskandar (First Episode)

Photographed: Afiskandar * Models: Ann, AFI, SI, Dora.

The Real Love

The Ladies on the Street, Serikin.

The Indo Petai

The Proud Man

The Most Handsome Photographer

...and the heat is not the barrier

The Colourful Kasuts

The Telekung's Lady

Obat Kuat

The Indo Instruments

The Kasuts

...and finally the Photographer had to photograph himself 

The Happy Man in Serikin

Faces of Serikin

The Smiles of Serikin

The Man who lost his wife...

The Little Dora

Sarawak River at Night

The Penambang, Sarawak River...
The Humble Gentleman

The Ordinary Man

The Most Beautiful Sarawakian

The Siblings' Stories

The Man with the Sarawak's Landmark
The First Kiss

The Last Hugs...