Sunday, 24 August 2014

My Gazan friend wrote...

"Bro, I went out with friends the other day and one of them was talking about his friends and other people he knows and telling their stories. None of them made it alive through this aggression. The Israeli army destroyed their houses and killed them one by one.

It used to ache more before, but we developed our emotions not to feel anymore. He is doing okay and speaks about them like they are not even dead. He stopped caring. I stopped caring. Everyone did! Cuz if you do, you will drown in an ocean of sorrow. So, we choose to man up and put our feelings aside and continue our lives as if nothing ever happened.

How sad it is to lose friends and act like it is okay because we’ve lost many of them before! I have become afraid to get attached to anyone even my family members so that they don’t grief later…

And then…we are called terrorist and the entire world is watching us getting killed and don’t give a damn!

Screw this world! I say, screw this world!”

(…and I am speechless again)